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an Interactive Livestream

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12/22 7:30pm est

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We wanted our last livestream of 2020 to be epic. So we decided to spice things up a little bit. Introducing "DARTS" - an interactive livestream where the set-list is entirely left up to chance. Additionally, as the viewer you get the chance to win music downloads, merch packs, and even pick the next song.

Official Rules

Game premise: To create a randomized setlist by assigning dartboard segments to various One Time Weekend original songs, covers and/or actions. 


Throwers will rotate through the band with an opener and a closer to kick things off and end the night.

Each thrower is given two hits per round. This can mean that the band will play two songs, or two songs and an action. If two actions are hit, then the thrower may throw again until a song section is hit. For example, if the thrower hits section 1, and section 1 is assigned to Dr. Funk, the band will play Dr. Funk. If the thrower then hits section 18 and that section is assigned to “on one foot”, the band will have to play Dr. Funk on one foot.


The band will not know which number correlates with which song or action. That will be up to the moderators to decide ahead of time. The band will know only when they hit the board.


When the same song is hit twice, a re-throw is constituted. 


A board miss will result in either 10 push ups or a shot of eggnog.


Bulls-eye (outer center circle) will be assigned to a “switch instruments” action. This will be a stand alone action.


Double Bulls-eye (inner center circle) will be assigned to a mystery action. This will be a stand alone action.

Get Involved

As part of the audience, you will have the opportunity to win prizes throughout the set. Third place will get a free digital download from the OTW Bandcamp. Second place will get a merch pack in addition to a download. The 1st place winner shall receive the download, merch pack, and get the chance to pick the encore (song selection based off of what has already been played in the set).  

The show is accessible via the band's Facebook live. Save 40% and snag access before December 18th.

Special thanks to Megaturko, Ty Forster of Brainwave, Funkhaus Music, and Kevin Bianchi

dart iso-01.png
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