We groove, you move. One Time Weekend is a fresh band who has quite craftily created a groove-laden spirit  and infused it with a clean, melodic and progressive edge. Since their inception in 2016, OTW has made an impact as one of the youngest talents in the Northeast music scene, and is quickly on their way to spreading their original material around the country. The fans love their music for its danceable and story-telling qualities, as well as its composition and creativity.
The band is comprised of lead guitarists Adam Eytan and Zac Mulcahy, who are well known for their speed, soul, and “guitarmonies”. Bassist Ian D’Arcangelo holds down the low end while simultaneously delivering powerful lead vocals, and drummer Ben Sullivan ties it all together with his precise and in-the-pocket rhythm. All four members contribute in rousing four-part harmonies, and all four members contribute to the songwriting process.



Adam Eytan: Guitar and backup vocals. His musical inspirations include Metallica, Pink Floyd, Revocation, Chon, Phish, Stevie Wonder, Alice In Chains, Julian Lage, Mr. Bungle, Elliott Smith, and Coheed and Cambria. His favorite color is black, but if that doesn’t count then teal. Aside from music, his passions include basketball and broing down.
Ian D'Arcangelo: Bass guitar and lead vocals. His musical inspirations include Victor Wooten, Bruce Hornsby, The Beatles, Phish, Eddie Vedder, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Martin Sexton. His favorite article of clothing to wear is his green wool flannel. Other than music, Ian enjoys hiking, camping, graphic design and film. He is addicted to spicy sweet chili Doritos. Let's hit the slopes.

Photo by CAT BOYCE

Zac Mulcahy: Guitar, keyboards and vocals. His musical inspirations include Barefoot Truth, Vulfpeck, Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC, and Jeff Howard. Zac can spin a basketball on his finger, ride a unicycle, juggle, and has a hacky sack record of of 94. Other passions include, skateboarding and pumping iron.


Ben Sullivan: Drums, percussion backup vocals. Ben is a self taught drummer whose main musical inspirations include , Todd Sucherman (Styx) and Neil Peart (Rush). Ben listens to a wide variety of music ranging from Paul Simon all the way to RATM. Outside of music he can be found working on his digital and sculpture artwork. Ben can dunk a basketball and has finished the Meat Mountain at Arby’s.....twice.