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RELEASES 1/27/23

Action-packed and ready to go, OTW's sophomore release is a head-banging, shred-funk experience.


weekend at the circus album cover.jpg

Album art by COREY PANE

One Time Weekend recorded their first studio album "Weekend at the Circus" in May of 2018. Finding the right studio wasn't easy, but the band finally settled on Northfire Studios in Amherst Massachusetts. 

With only week to track the boys had to to be efficient and work hard. Putting in 10-hour days as well as sleeping in the studio was the only way to get the deed done. With the help of Kyle Tripp (production) and Garrett Sawyer (audio engineering), One Time Weekend created a 10-track professional quality capture of the music they had been writing since their inception in 2016.

Not only is WATC a way for the band to show you what they can do with their instruments, it also serves as a reflection of camaraderie and dedication. After all, it's just four friends making music. Get lost in the funky journey that is Weekend at the Circus, but don't stray too far from home, cause the next album is brewin'.

"Letting its reggae and funk influences lead the way, the group from Collinsville, CT known as One Time Weekend has crafted a record you can move to. Weekend at the Circus is jam-packed with hip electric guitar solos, fun changes in tempo, rapid-fire vocals, and piano notes that shine among the carnival of sounds."


- The Deli Magazine

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